KATRE – Exploring abandoned places and graffiti.

Katre was interested since his early years in comics, photography and drawing. In early 1990, he discovered a passion for graffiti and allowing this practice to speak out and use all kinds of surfaces. Between 1998 and 2005, he was involved in collaboration with the association “Steus” and his activities range from the production of murals to graffiti animation workshops.
Intrigued by vacant lots and abandoned spaces, he spends his mastery of fine art in 2003 at the Molitor swimming pool in Paris. In 2005, he continued his research by signing the book “Out of Time” (ed Colorszoo) involving fifty artists operating in urban brownfield sites. His passion led him to walk the roads in search of brownfields while continuing to paint the walls of Paris. In 2012 he released a second book, “Out of Time 2″ (Pyramyd ed) promises to be a new benchmark in the French street art.
Travel and meeting him several collectives can integrate and participate regularly in festivals around the world (China, Chile, Australia, Spain, Italy …).
Recognition in the middle of graffiti offered an opportunity to participate in several group and solo exhibitions since the mid 2000s. He shows pictorial compositions ignite explosive pretend his photographs of abandoned places it first prints on canvas. His workshop is practical and the perfect connection with his two passions: exploring abandoned places and graffiti.